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Cosmetic vacuum cleaner for dental laboratories

Cosmetic vacuum cleaner for dental laboratories
In today’s advanced world, there is a great need to maintain a clean and healthy working environment.
That’s why we developed the vacuum cleaner for high-tech laboratories. The vacuum cleaner absorbs the fine dust and steam that can drain into the respiratory system, leaving the work environment pleasant, clean and healthy.
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Price : $5,000
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A speed regulator

that controls the pumping power. 
Engine Fan with Metal Centrifugal Wing. 
A 14 cm diameter air hose without the

need for a support arm. 
Colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, Gold  Remote

Technical Specifications:

Model SC120161  
CAT 01012016  
Number of pipes 1  
Filter efficiency 99%  
Input voltage 230V  
Supplier 125W  
Air flow M ^ 3 / h1130  
Frequency 50Hz  
Weight 25 kg  
Mobility 4 wheels

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