הירשם התחבר

About us

The Cosmetic vacuum is a leading company in the air purifying systems of the beauty industry since 2012.

We committed to the highest standard no matter what the cost.

“The Cosmetic Vacuum” company specialized in manufacturing systems that hold a very high workload.

Among our products that sells in the local market of Israel:

A vacuum for hair salons

 With a massive carbon filter

A special construction

Made in order to suck the toxic gas that releases when painting hair

Vacuum for beauty salon

Two types of filters:  

Air filter – suck the dust made by the manicure process. 

Carbon filter – absorb the toxic gas from the air.

That model is extremely powerful while extremely quiet at the same time, and build especially for the beauty salons that have the highest work load of them all.

Our goal is keep the health of the nail technician and the customers, by supplying the best products

possible in affordable prices.  

By pursuing this goal, we always look for new technologies that will help us make a better solutions

for our customers.


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