Questions & Answers

Which colors are available for the CV1 model?

The base color for this model is White, with the following tubes variations:

White, Black, Pink or Blue.

Which colors are available for the 'Mini' model?

The base color for this model is Silver, with the following variations:

Green, Red, Gold & Black.

What are the differences between the models CV1 and Mini?

CV1 Model has 5 filters, while one of them is a carbon filter. The carbon filter can purify the air, and is able to neutralize smell as well.

CV1 also features a 220w engine, its absorption capability is higher, as well as its waste capacity.

The Mini model capabilities are much similar, however it is more compact, doesn’t feature any smell filtering system.

You got me convinced! I would like to make a purchase. What are the terms of payment?

Up to 12 payments without commission.

Where the Cosmetic Vacuum is being manufactured?

Development is done in Israel, while manufacturing is done in cooperation between facilities in China and Israel.

Is the Cosmetic Vacuum under warranty?

Most certainly, we stand behind our products and provide full warranty for the first year.

What is the difference between the Cosmetic Vacuum and other vacuum cleaners available on the market?

The Cosmetic Vacuum is carefully designed for beauty salons, cosmetic clinics and laboratories. We also provide warranty and repair services.

For how long has the Cosmetic Vacuum brand been on the market?

We are a long established company situated in Israel, and has been manufacturing the Cosmetic Vacuum for over 6 years now.

I'm worried about the noise, how loud is the Cosmetic Vacuum?

Our Cosmetic Vacuum is actually very quiet! And they reach up to 48 db Max.

How often do I need to change filters?

It depends on the amount and intensity of usage. Usually it is safe to say between 12 to 18 months.

Are the filters expensive?

Not at all, we are talking about few dollars for a single filter.

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