Customers Recommend

"Hi! So sorry for the delay, I wanted to work with the cv1 cosmetic-vacuum at least one week so my opinion will be real.

Have no words. I don't know how it is even possible without it.

It does an improvement in every single parameter. Am recommending it to anyone. Tnx!"

"So just finished another day with my new cosmetic vacuum. Another day WITHOUT dust and mess... my clients just adore it. And the most important thing for me, the migraines just disappeared. Now I know it's from everything I've breathed. There was no even one single day without a migraine. Thank you absolutely for everything."


Just wanted to say thank you. The Novel vacuum does its job amazingly well.

Idk how I worked till today without it.

I do recommend it to anyone who works as a nails technician as I do.

Thank you very much again."

"Hey, I want to thank you so much.

This vacuum is absolutely perfect!! It is genius!!!

Your service was the best and overall, the vacuum is doing its job sooo good!

I am recommending it to anyone, a must have in any beauty or hair salon!

Health comes first!!!

Again, thank you so much for everything."

"I had to write you that after almost 20 years of working, I made the best decision to by your Novel Vacuum. No dirt, no dust, no odors. Trust me I will tell anyone I know and still don't have it that is an absolute must have." 

"Hey, hope all is fine! Remember how skeptical I was? How many questions I had?! LOL

I am the happiest person in the world for listening to you and try it.

Health comes first. Mine and my client's as well. This is the best vacuum collector I've ever seen. Thank you for all of your patience and customer service during the way!!" 

"As a salon owner for so many years, I feel that the purchase of the cosmetic vacuum is by far the best thing I could do for my beloved employees. they feel much better and their feeling means a lot to me."

"I am so happy with my new vacuum. to be honest, I did not though it will be that good. I only bought it while thinking- let's give it a try, that's it. am planning to order an additional one to my Padicure area as well!"

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