About Us

The ‘Cosmetic Vacuum’ is a unique product, which was designed to allow cosmetic treatments such as mediocre and pedicure, to be made on a clean and healthy environment, for both the patient and the technician, by soaking any fragments and vaporized toxins created in the process.

The ‘Cosmetic Vacuum’ has tremendous power compared to its size, and it is capable of filtering any waste generated by acryl gel and sealers, at a rate of 97.9% – 99.9%.

Some models are also installed with an active coal filter, which purifies any vaporized chemicals and foul smells from your workspace.

However, the ‘Cosmetic Vacuum’ is not viable only to nail tech salons, but also dental clinics, barbershops, and hi-tech labs, as it can be customized in various way, to fit your needs in the best way possible.

A must have, to anyone who might be at risk of inhaling undesired toxins.

You won’t believe how you ever lived without it!

I tried the product that vacuumed and smelled and I could not believe how until now they had not invented such a thing for our health. First of all, there is no dust and no grain, it also includes a great work lamp, and the price is worth my health
this product is the best!!!
Today I bought and this is the best thing I could buy!
Amir Belisha
Thanks! its change in my life,
thanks to the cosmetic vacuum cleaner I get a clean and healthy work environment, without dust and odors,
very pleased!
Soaring Elul
I have an allergic client, and every time she comes for the treatment she asks for paper for the nose because of the allergy,
Today she came and did not cough and did not ask for paper,
thank you very much you are a genius.